Our mission is to create and rebuild a brand new sustainable social system in Japan, which enables all the generations to live much happier and enjoy prosperity more. Throughout our research and system design proposal, our basic concept of “Gerontology” is closely linked to “integrated engineering from social perspectives in an aging society,” as advocated by Jitsuro Terashima, Chairman of Japan Research Institute and President of Tama University.


Our concept is based on "Gerontology Declaration", Mr. Terashima’s book published in August 2018 from NHK Publishing. In his book, Mr. Terashima states that we should change our way of thinking toward the aging society in Japan from negative aspects, such as increasing social costs, to positive aspects, such as a society which enables the elderly to participate actively in good health through new platforms as social resources.

Based on the idea above, we redefine the concept of “gerontology” as “integrated engineering from social perspectives in an aging society” with the aim of building a new social system which enables the elderly to be a proactive actor in the society through platforms which we will challenge to create, thereby allowing all the generations to live much happier and much healthier.
Thus, the Council commits to propose a new social vision, studying systematically an ideal society as a whole and an ideal way of living based on the keyword “Gerontology”.


Our studies focus on following two key topics: 1) creating a diverse platform to promote the elderly to play much more important roles in society such as launching new social businesses and human resource development programmes (qualification programmes), and 2) establishing a new social system including local community, market and legal systems to have the platform in place.

As an outcome of the study, we plan to publish a book discussing a new social system to be established in an aging society. We would like to propose appropriate entities to operate new social businesses and qualification programmes as well as attract sympathy and encourage actions in every area and on every level of the society in the book.

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